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Nano – I AM A WINNER!!!

So, I gave up posting updates about writing for Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month) and concentrated on writing my novel. And guess what? With an hour and a half to spare, I came in at just over 50000 words! I am a winner!

I am extremely stoked about being able to write 50 000 words in 30 days, but more than that, I have an almost completed first draft for a novel in my grubby little paws. The genre is a little bit different to my usual YA Fantasy – this one is contemporary romance. but with a nod to my sci-fi/fantasy fandom roots. ┬áThe actual premise I came up with only two days before starting Nano, and, surprisingly, the whole plot flowed pretty well as I wrote. I feel like I got to grips with the characters, and I know them inside out, and I should finish this story within a few thousand words more.
So, watch this space for more information about the new story!

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Nano Day 8

Damn you Nano!

I was about to tally my word count and post that I had made it back on track when I looked at the time and realised it was already Day 9.

So, Day 8 totals remain with me behind

Daily Word Count: 2157

Total: 13252

Good news is I have a head start on today.

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Nano Day 7

Words today: 2240

Total Words: 11095

Pleased with my word count today. I’m just shy of where I need to be at to be back on track. Now if only I could stop being distracted by other things.

Here’s a snippet that will really confuse you (if you’ve read the previous two):


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